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MINDEllipses' priority is to provide safe and effective guided ketamine treatment from the comfort of your home. Our treatment process and at-home administration allow individuals access to lifesaving treatment more conveniently and affordably.

At-Home Ketamine Treatment, with 100% Support

We have two ketamine programs. The New Beginnings Plan is a macrodose ketamine plan, consiting of two macrodoses of ketamine weekly. The Long-Lasting Peace Plan, a microdose ketamine plan, consists of a daily microdose of ketamine. 


While in any of our ketamine programs, you have 100% access to a mental health provider and a coach specializing in ketamine.

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The Medication, Dose, and Administration.

The average client in our program will receive an average starting dose of 100-200 mg of sublingual ketamine, typically taken every three days for our macrodose plan. For the microdose plan, the starting dose is typically 25 mg daily and, in certain cases, can be increased to 200 mg. After your initial consultation with a mental health provider, they will determine an appropriate dose for you. At that time, after signing up for the membership, you will receive the first few doses of ketamine in the mail. You will have a follow-up appointment with your provider to discuss your experience, and then they will determine if any dose changes are appropriate. If appropriate, the remaining doses will be mailed to you.

The MINDEllipse Way

While in the program, you will be asked to track your mood, depressive, and anxiety symptoms using scales provided to you through text.


After the first few months of ketamine treatment, most individuals will reach their baseline of improvement. At your baseline, you will remain on the same dose of ketamine, but it will be spaced out further.

If oral/sublingual ketamine is not adequate for you or you are not getting the desired results, you may be referred for in-person intravenous or intramuscular ketamine.

At MINDEllipse, we are huge advocates of therapy with your ketamine treatment. If you do not have a current therapist, we will refer you to therapists specializing in ketamine-assisted psychotherapy.

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Transform Your Mind. Transform Your Life.

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