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The MINDEllipse Team

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Thank you for taking the time to visit MINDEllipse. My name is Giovanni, a psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner and the founder of MindEllipse.


I started my career as a registered nurse in 2017, and since then, I have worked in several settings in the mental health arena. I wanted to offer more comprehensive and individualized care to each patient, which led me to obtain my psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner degree. While completing my degree, I was trained under knowledgeable physicians, nurse practitioners, and psychotherapists in several hospitals, inpatient and outpatient settings.


Personally, I have had depression and anxiety since I was a young child, along with combined type ADHD. At the time, I never really understood what I was experiencing, so I isolated myself constantly. I kept what I was experiencing silent until I started college, which was when my symptoms were at their worst. I then sought mental healthcare and have been through several trials of medications. Yes, many of them worked, but there was always lingering depression, anxiety, panic, and insomnia that just would not subside. To make a long story short, Ketamine changed my life, along with therapy and the coping mechanisms I've learned along the way. Can I say I am never anxious? Absolutely not. But this is the best I have felt in a long time. I want to provide the same life-saving treatment that I received to others struggling with debilitating depression and anxiety symptoms.


All my clients must know that I don't just work in the mental health field; I am passionate about it. I want to help individuals relieve their burdens and fulfill their full capabilities. I fully understand that each individual is an expert on themselves. I am committed to collaborating with you to find the best treatment approach for you.



  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Coppin State University, 2017

  • Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology, Coppin State University, 2017

  • Master's in Nursing, PMHNP Specialization, Walden University, 2021

  • Master's of Business Administration, Capella University, 2022

  • Doctor of Clinical Psychology, California Southern University, Pending


  • Family Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, 2021

  • ADHD-Certified Clinical Services Provider, 2022

  • Certified Integrative Mental Health Professional, 2022

  • Certified Ketamine Medical Provider, Integrative Psychiatry Institute, 2022

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Meet our Patient Care Coordinator, Abegail Lozano, or Abby for short! Abby is a dynamic, detail-oriented individual passionate about caregiving, customer service, and ensuring a high level of confidentiality and quality of patient care. Abby is HIPAA-certified, so you can ensure that all conversations with her are private and will only be communicated with your provider unless you request otherwise. Most of the time, when getting in contact with the office, Abby is the first line of communication. Abby assists with scheduling, pharmacy requests, prior authorizations, and any inquiry called or emailed to our office.

Abegail Lozano
Patient Care Coordinator


Aegea Frances Pabandero
Support Coach
& Clinical Liaison

Meet our Clinical Liaison and Support Coach, Aegea! Aegea is a friendly and competent mental health professional with over five years of experience in the mental health realm. As a clinical coordinator and coach, Aegea helps clients with mental health concerns to become their best selves. Aegea also assists with client concerns, provides coaching to clients in our Ketamine Treatment Programs, assists with refills, pharmacy concerns, and insurance issues, and provides supportive coaching for our amazing clients! She has a bachelor’s in psychology and is a candidate for a master’s in clinical psychology. Her goal is to provide a safe a healthy environment to help all MindEllipse clients recover.  

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