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Financial Assistance Application

 MINDEllipse is committed to providing accessible mental healthcare to all individuals. We understand that many individuals seeking treatment for depression and anxiety may face financial barriers to accessing our ketamine treatment services, which is why we wanted to offer a financial assistance program. Our financial assistance program is designed to support underserved, underinsured, and low-income clients who cannot afford our standard program fees. We strive to make our home ketamine treatment programs accessible to as many individuals as possible who need it, regardless of their financial situation.


To apply for financial assistance, fill out the application below. Our team will review each application and determine the appropriate level of financial support based on the client’s financial needs and circumstances. We are committed to maintaining confidentiality throughout the application process and supporting those who need it most. Our financial assistance program is available on an ongoing basis. At MINDEllipse, we believe everyone deserves access to quality mental healthcare, and our financial assistance program is one way we are working to make that a reality.

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